Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Poetry Week: Day Two.

Thus far, the response to my request for poetry submissions has been underwhelming!
So, here is another one from me.
A few months ago I was having lunch in a food court in the mall and a nearby table of fun-loving, laughing kids inspired me to write the following words on the back of a napkin.
This is one of those times when I would LOVE to explain to a reader what is being said in the white spaces, between, and around the letters that make up the words.
But I won’t. Authorial explanation always devalues a poem. Denudes it.
To some readers it may seem that this poem is an admission that I need to see a good psychotherapist, and while that may be true enough, putting these words out here on display is at least a good sign that I am not in denial! Right?


Three kids are in love with their sandwiches.

The one in an olive-colored shirt alternates between
cookie and sandwich and pop and laughter while
cramming it all into his freckles he marries a monstrous
beast develops liver disease plastic tubes keep him alive until not.

The one with thick glasses and mustard on his laughing lip
secures a fortune in the stock market loses it all
night watchman finds what he was on the sidewalk.

The one in the red jacket with the laugh like
rain falling her only child dies in the womb after a long
bout with cancer she too succumbs to life.

It is beautiful to watch them with their sandwiches.

© Ciprianowords Inc. 2005.

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