Friday, August 05, 2005

Splash du Jour: Friday

"Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?"
-- Henry Ward Beecher --
This is how I am spending the day, in a succession of used bookstores in downtown Nanaimo!
Have a great Friday!


Sylvia said...

Find anything?

cipriano said...

Hi Sylvia:
Hmmm... my trip to the bookstores was not all that great. I bought only one book, and it was a gift for someone who reads this blogpage, so I cannot say what it was... but, it was fun. The weather on the Island during my vacation was absolutely perfect. Nanaimo is such a gorgeous place, I love it.

Sylvia said...

I guess we are a little spoiled out here. Young Nanaimoites just want to get out, and other Islanders just want to get through, but really there is not much to complain about. Well, except for the ridiculous real estate prices (up 40% in one year). And the weather this month is unreal. It makes up for our dismal June and July, when Environment Canada didn't even bother measuring the UV index.