Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Great Mystery!

Can you identify the following heavily camouflaged wildly famous author?
[Hint: Those are not sunglasses, they are her real eyes.]
Please submit your educated guess in the comments section.
First one to say it right wins a serious prize.
[Note: The Bookpuddle jury is still out, deliberating the actual veracity and/or legal implications of the statement "wins a serious prize". After all, what does "serious" really mean, and even the word "prize" for that matter is sort of a real ambiguous word right? Like, some people do not even like money, for instance. So.... all said promise of "prize" and/or "serious prize" is subject to interpretation, availability, and even existence whatsoever until further notice].


patricia said...

Haven't got a freakin' clue.

Anonymous said...


cipriano said...

Response #2 wins the Mystery Prize.
It is indeed my favorite living female author. Margaret Atwood.

Anonymous said...

How do I claim my prize, Tolstoy?
It had better be good. Like a box full of books or something.

Have a great day. I think you need rain gear like Maggie's....it will protect you against those rainy days.

Best to you.

patricia said...


I had wondered if it was Atwood, but decided against it because it didn't seem to look like her telltale nose and mouth.

Some artist I am!

cipriano said...

Dear Anonymous:
Yes.... I think a box full of books is just the thing.
I hope you do not mind that they may be used ones though.... pre-loved ones.
Times are tough.
I need to economize!
Best to thee.