Thursday, October 13, 2005

Splash du Jour: Thursday

What am I currently reading?
One of the best (best-written) books I have read in a long while.
Nabokov’s controversial, mesmerizing, Lolita, published in 1955.
In 1966, speaking of censorship, and related topics, the author said:
Neither can I do anything to please critics belonging to the good old school of "projected biography," who examine an author's work, which they do not understand, through the prism of his life, which they do not know.
-- Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977), The Waltz Invention, foreword. –

Have a great Thursday!

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Esereth said...

Lolita isn't even a novel, really. It's a perfect poem, hundreds of pages long.

I tried to get my book club to read it. Only two women did. The rest just hated it. "Boring" was the biggest complaint, no one even bothered to get offended. Maybe they were hoping for better sex scenes than "opals dissolving in a pool of fire" and so on.

Anyway. Nabokov (na-BO-kov, if you're smart and uppity) is an effortless genius. Enjoy the book, make lots of postings about it.