Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Today is my boy’s birthday!
<-- Here is a picture of him, in all of his kingly splendor.
Jack is six years old today!
I know what you are wondering…. what did I get him for his birthday.
Ummm…. pizza.
It was sort of a last-minute thing.
On the drive home from my time at Starbucks, I thought…. “Hmm, what should I get Jack for his sixth?”
[My stomach growled about then]. I dialed Lorenzo’s. Got a Chef’s Special.
So I’ve been putting slab after slab of pizza right under his nose, and he just keeps giving me this look… yeah, just like the one here in the picture.
The epitome of disdain!
It’s like, “C’mon Dad! Are you SERIOUS? No cat nip? No toys? What do you think I am? A dog? Sheesh!”
It hurts.
It’s that last “sheesh” that hurts!
But I guess he is right. I’m not a very good dad tonight.
So….. I guess I am going to have to eat this pizza myself.
[He’s really got a mean look. He really does….. and he's glot claws! I’ll be sleeping face down tonight!]



patricia said...

Have you been dipping into Jack's catnip, Bookpuddle? You've posted this entry three times.

You must be having fun!

Happy B-Day Jack! Take care of your loopy owner!

cipriano said...

Yeah... Blogger is doing its thing again, acting crazy.
It's saying that is not publishing when the truth is, it is OVER-publishing... cloning me!

But, at the same time, yes.
I have been into the catnip a bit, too, and this can't help matters!

Jordan said...

He's beautiful!

Cold Molasses said...

Happy belated B-Day Jack! Murray says hello.

Stefanie said...

happy belated birthday Jack!

RantandRoar said...

Cat's suck

cipriano said...

Jack says... "Thank you for all of these lovely comments.... except for that last one, to which I say.... may you, dear respondent, develop a nasty urinary tract infection!"

Cleo said...

Happy Belated Jack! Call me and I'll give you the number for "Bad Dads Anonymous" For shame Cip...

sfp said...

Happy belated birthday, Jack! Make your dad take you to the carnival of cats this weekend!