Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The NEW Jim Cuddy

Well, tonight, just a few words about one of my favorite musical artists on the planet.
← Jim Cuddy.
He is listed in my "Favorite Music" of my Blogger Profile, under Blue Rodeo, the band in which he shares lead vocalist honors with another great songwriter, Greg Keelor.
I love Blue Rodeo, and I love Jim Cuddy.
Jim's first solo album, called All In Time [1998] is superb. And I am right this minute enjoying my inaugural spin through his brand new solo CD, called The Light That Guides You Home. It was just released in stores, yesterday! I am Johnny-on-the-spot!
Love it.
I could praise Jim Cuddy until six cows walked into my 14th story apartment, right off the balcony, chewing their cuddy!
So I won't belabor the point. He writes superb music. In a bit I'll show you how you can hear the new single. But here's my reason for writing...
Last night I talked about CanLit, and ended that blog entry by drawing attention to the fact that no one wants to sing about Canada.
Well...... Jim Cuddy is a royal exception to that rule, and I love him for it.
Already, in this first spin through the CD, I’ve compiled a sampling of Canadianisms© in the lyrics.
In the second song, Maybe Sometime, he says: "We followed the moon all the way to Golden [as in, Golden, British Columbia]... Slept outside til we were almost frozen / watching the sun come up over Lake Louise [as in, Alberta].
In Countrywide Soul, he praises his girl by saying, "I love your hair / smells like Rocky Mountain air / Like the big sky shining on a Winnipeg night [as in, Manitoba]. Then he says, “Listen to a band in a St. John’s bar [as in, Newfoundland] / Down by the water on a Halifax [Nova Scotia] shore.”
Mentions the “magic in the mushrooms of P.E.I.”
Then, in a song called Falling, he says, “I spent a little time out west / A year in Calgary…”

All of this to say that Jim Cuddy is really ruining my argument of last night.
That it is impossible to sing about Canada.
This CD is like a TOUR of the entire nation, from coast to coast!
So, I revise and add to my former points, by saying…. Canada has the best authors, best music, best beer, best cigarettes, AND best zippers!
You can hear the gorgeous song called “Pull Me Through,” if you go → HERE and click just under the image that appears on the left side of the screen.
Happy listening to ya, eh?


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