Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Speaking To Your Inner Demon...

The very astute among you will have noticed that lately I have not really been “with it.”
My bloggetry faltereth!
However, I have an excuse.
I have a demon!
No, just kidding. I don’t believe in such actual things…. residing in me.
I mean, I believe in them and all… but I have concluded that they reside in everyone else, and not me.
They look like this one, shown here.
I wrote a poem about serious demonetry.
If you yourself have a demon, I can almost guarantee you that he and/or she is telling you right now to click on THIS HERE, and read the thing.
Read about how Satan sends his deputies out, to corrupt your soul…



Anomie-Atlanta said...

Can cigarettes be deputies of the devil? :)

cipriano said...

All I know is that in most of my bestest nightmares, there's always a scene where old Splitfoot himself is chewing on a Marlboro!
Oh hell yes.
And so do his minions!