Thursday, September 21, 2006

Splash du Jour: Thursday

Well, I am preoccupied with today’s events.
So much so, that I cannot come up with a good literary, bookish, Splash du jour.
No, all I am thinking about is that in less than eleven hours I will be AT this concert which I have patiently waited for, for so long.
Roger Waters.
TONIGHT! 8:00 p.m. EST.
I am leaving soon…. skipping work. To be there.
The Bookpuddle blog may be empty for a while, as a result of my…. recuperation!
Shine on -- you crazy diamonds!
-- Cipriano.

Have a great Thursday!


piksea said...

A friend of mine just saw him about a week ago in Philly and loved the show. Have a great time!

alexandra said...

Rock, or something to that effect and don't come back gloating. ;-)

Anomie-Atlanta said...

I'm confused, I though he was dead?

Stefanie said...

See you on the dark side of the moon!

patricia said...

Have fun, you crazy hippie freak, you!

You gonna wear your bell bottoms?

cipriano said...

Absolutely unbelievable.
I cannot convey to you all adequately, in human words, how great this concert was.
I am in the hotel lobby, across the street from the venue.
I would have paid twice as much for this concert [which would amount to $320.... and would not have felt cheated.
He is a god.
Thank you for all your comments and well-wishes.

S William said...

I'm still stuck on Pink Floyd's early albums. I haven't made it to listening to anything recent, other than the songs on the radio.

Amelia said...

Glad to hear that you had a great time!!

cipriano said...

Yes, I really had a great time. I am wondering if maybe I should write a blog about the concert. But I am hoping that words will not taint such a holy time!
I have a renewed appreciation of the musicianship, the excellence that is a part of everything Roger Waters does.

Stefanie said...

You need to write a post about the concert! I need details!