Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Well, it is a night for basic witchery and all-out goblinry!
And a perfect night for it... the moon is mysterious, as clouds drift past. The streets are wet, there is the threat of rain. And [I swear this is the truth] an actual witch just flew past my fourteenth floor apartment.
Sounded like a Toyota Tercel!
OK, I've got a few treats for you.
First, some words from a very funny guy, on Halloween. Ye must click HERE for this, ye ghouls and boys.
Secondly, and this is even better.... in fact, if you've only got time for one re-routing tonight, I urge you to click on this second option, for it is my own thoughts on the physicdal properties of actual witchflight. Seriously, you really need to read this before you retire for the evening.... CLICK HERE!
Happy Halloween, all!


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