Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mugs of Puddle-land©

Ahhh, dear friends.
I wonder if it is just me, or do some of you also, have favorite mugs?
See, it is a peaceful Sunday morning here at The Bookpuddle, and a LONG weekend, at that! And so, it begins with some coffee.
I have a shelf full of coffee mugs to choose from. In fact, all of them will not be represented here, in today’s installment of Favorite Mugs of Bookpuddle-land©.
It’s funny though, noticing how I have tended to gravitate towards, and favor, certain coffee mugs over the years.
Here are a few….
First, there is this one.

It was given to me by this friend that was a girl.
Christine. I looked after her cat [forget the name] when she went on some trip somewhere. I recall that on the night before she returned, the dang cat escaped, and I had to chase the thing all around the neighborhood, at one point having to climb under a neighbor’s porch, and grab it by the tail, while it squacked and hissed like ten geese In a bag! That was about ten years ago, now.
It has become one of my most frequently used mugs.
Then, there’s this one:

Given to me by Jodi, after she made a trip to New Orleans. It figures into my top-five used mugs of all time. It’s from a place called CafĂ© du Monde.


I bought this mug at the gift shop of a ski-resort called Panorama, in British Columbia. Guess what? The whole time there I did not ski. I was too depressed over a breakup with a girlfriend. I just lounged in the hot-tub while my friend Mike and his wife Carole hit the slopes. One night, in the lodge, I stabbed myself in the hand with a fondue skewer! It’s called….. self-crucifixion.
Not to be too depressing or anything, but about four years later, Mike committed suicide, leaving his wife and three children in the process. The mug remains. I use it often. It is dear to me, reminding me of how great of a person Mike was.

Here below is one I use when I want to drink deep.

It is a gi-normous mug. Was given to me as part of a birthday present… I cannot even remember how long ago….. it’s big. Harold Bloom big!

And now, for my favorite mug.
Given to me by my friend Tim, and his wife, Jodi. [same Jodi, as above].
My Tolkien mug.

Look at the curvature of that handle. It is perfect, in all of its ways!
Yep, somehow, this one has claimed its place as…. Chief Mug!
I have probably drunked at least a thousand coffees from that mug.



Anonymous said...

did u get a digital?

cipriano said...

Nope. All of these images are hand-drawn.
It's a gift.

Stefanie said...

I have a favorite mug too! Of all the mugs in my cupboard my fav is one with Virginia Woolf's face on it that I got five years ago at the British Library. My second fav is a mug that I've had for ages that has a quill pen and scribbled on parchment. I love how all of your mugs have related background items. You are a magnificient artist to have drawn all those images by hand. Why, they look just like photographs! ;)

patricia said...

What a collection! And such stories behind each collection.

I am a mug addict. The hubby has made a rule: no more mugs!! Think I'll listen to him? Feh. My most treasured mugs are a wonderful collection of Kliban cat mugs. I bought just about all of them when I was a teenager. I think they're probably collector items now. One of my fave Kliban mugs has a cartoon of a Kliban cat playing a guitar and singing this song:

Love them little mousies
Mousies what I love to eat
Bite there little heads off
Nibble on there tiny feet

Oh, and I couldn't help but notice a few of those mugs have connections with some female from your past...interesting...your cup runneth over with love, yes?

cipriano said...

Wow, Stefanie and Patricia, you both sound as though you've got some delectable mugs!
We should all get together for some serious coffee!
In my blog, only afterward did I realize I failed to mention a very special coffee mug, custom-potterized for me by Julie-sensai in Japan!
So, Julie-sensai.... if you are listening out there in blogland.... your mug still means much to me!
Often, my lips upon it, I think of you.