Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Nickel's A Nickel!

Well, I pretty much knew it would happen one day. I knew it.
And it did. It happened today.
Starbucks has raised the price of their coffee.
I just ordered one. I am still drinking it.
I have dabbled in some of the fancier drinks, yes. Became quite enamored of the americano for quite a long stretch.
But then, I guess as I became more and more ensconced in my middle-aged overall unfancyness [ie., I used to wash my car every couple days. Now I wash it like annually, if that! And even then, only through the automatic dealie]…. umm, I have just gravitated, like one of those descending Tetris© chunks of block, into the well-fitting groove of the average normal COFFEE!
I order a grande “bold” coffee.
I am well aware of how much it costs.
It costs $1.96. For the past CENTURY it has been $1.96!
But today…. today when I ordered my grande bold, the barista-girl said, “$2.01, please!”
This is highway robbery!

I know what a lot of you are thinking now…. oh yes, you’re thinking, “Hey! Ease up, Cipriano! That’s only a nickel.”

But no. See. You are not taking into account how often I am purchasing the grande bold. Don't forget! I practically live here @ Starbucks!
See, I have just done some preliminary calculations.
And, given that this five cent increase does not skyrocket into like seven or ten cents in the near future…. even if it remains at five cents, this will mean that in the next year alone, I will be shelling out an extra [hold on here…] yeah… → $1,458.15.

See what I mean? That’s a lot of moolah!



Free thinker said...

You either have issues or you suck at math!

At $1458.15 in the next year and at $0.05 per cup that equals 29,163 coffee's in the next year! That means, on average, you will drink 79.9 grandes per day!

I know you are a Starbucks man but at this rate you will be dead from a caffeine over dose in a few days, not to mention the bathroom trips. :)

Cold Molasses said...

Here's what I recommend. Just give them a toonie every time (yeah, that's right, hold back on the 1 cent). It could be a combination protest payment and a way to save you 1 cent each time. Maybe allowing you to buy a bubble-gum at one of those 25 cent machines one every couple of weeks.

cipriano said...

reason maitradee:
The answer is both! I have issues and I am poor at math!
See, I was wondering who would be the first person to take a Texas Instruments to my hyperbole!
Truth is, though, I do consume a lot of the java. Like, about 54.3 cups a day.
Cold molasses:
Spoken like a true accountant!

Stefanie said...

It's probably a good thing then that you drink plain old coffee rather than the fancy mixed drinks. It also explains why you always seem so energetic, all that caffeine snaking through your veins :)

Cold Molasses said...

Energetic??? Which version of Cipriano is stefanie talking about???

Free thinker said...

CM, it's the net persona ...