Monday, October 30, 2006

Splash du Jour: Monday

I am currently reading an absolutely fascinating book, Alain de Botton’s, The Architecture of Happiness.
Sent to me by a friend. → T.y.L.i.I.
“The most attractive are not those who allow us to kiss them at once (we soon feel ungrateful) or those who never allow us to kiss them (we soon forget them), but those who coyly lead us between the two extremes.”
-- Alain de Botton

Have a great Monday!


May said...

I heard about it a few days ago and got interested in it. I wonder if it will be translated in my language...mostly a question of laziness.

cipriano said...

Thank you for reading me, May!

May said...

It's my pleasure. I found you yesterday, November 2nd.