Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Splash du Jour: Tuesday

I have lain in prison for nearly two years. Out of my nature has come wild despair; an abandonment to grief that was piteous even to look at; terrible and impotent rage; bitterness and scorn; anguish that wept aloud; misery that could find no voice, sorrow that was dumb… Now I find hidden somewhere away in my nature something that tells me that nothing in the whole world is meaningless, and suffering least of all. That something hidden away in my nature, like a treasure in a field, is humility. It is the last thing left in me, and the best; the ultimate discovery at which I have arrived, the starting point for a fresh development.
-- Oscar Wilde (1854-1900). De Profundis, 1905 –

Have a great Tuesday!

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Carl V. said...

I haven't read too much about Oscar Wilde's life though I know bits and pieces. I have read many of his plays, however, and they are wonderful. He is certainly one of the masters in using language to its utmost.