Saturday, October 14, 2006

Technical Issues...

Just a question I would like to toss out to fellow users of BLOGGER.
Has anyone out there updated their blogger site to the new "Beta Blogger" that is being offered in a "pop-up" sort of feature every time I post a new blog?
If so, was it beneficial? Is there a problem with any data being lost in translation?
I am sort of paranoid about doing the switchover, and yet.... I am more curious than ten cats in a bag!
At one point I proceeded to switch over [can one save their current front-page appearance template?] and a warning sign came up, declaring basically that from that point forward there was no return to the good ol' days.
There is no way back to Kansas!
So I quit.... proceeding.
I can't help it, I am a cautious individual!
Any suggestions and/or testimonials from braver people than myself, yea, to the BETA-PIONEERS out there, would be greatly appreciated!
-- Cip



Cold Molasses said...

Excellent question Cip. I too was too cowardly to try the beta version. I'll look on with interest for responses from your other faithful readers.

Dorothy W. said...

I'm no help either, but I really want to know. Anybody else?

Anonymous said...

I indeed have made the switch from the old blogger to the Beta version. Your blogs will not be lost if you switch but you will lose some of your stuff you have set up in the sidebar like your book stuff. The nice thing is you can re-set up these to be easier to change in the future with some simple drop down boxes. I first copied and pasted my old template into a text word doc for future reference. Then I did the big switcheroo losing my book reading and also a secondary link column. However, once you make the change, setting them up is relatively painless. Visit my blog to see the results (I switched a week ago).

Give it a try and I can talk you through any troubles.

Good luck


cipriano said...

Yeah... I am still tentative. Originally, it took me about 400 hours of work to get my extra-template junkola on the side thingy there.... I am majorly Techno-Retarded.... so I don't know what to do now.
Thanks for your encouragement RM!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've switched to beta blogger a few weeks ago.

Observations, if it helps:

1. The loss of the sidebar data - it's actually standard. You lose the same data if you switch to another template on normal blogger. (Did a few template changes and lose a lot of links. Oh well...)

2. Not sure if it's my internet service provider or something, but I've problem logging into Beta Blogger during certain hours of the day.

Just yesterday, I uploaded 1 blog entry. 2 minutes later, can't log in to Beta Blogger. It can be frustrating.

3. A minor inconvenience - you now have 2 accounts, but they are not inter-changeable. You can only log in with beta blogger account.

4. Plus Point: I get to personalise the look of the blog more. Colour & Font & stuff. Added features do make it more organised.

Except for the minor inconvenience here and there, pretty okay.

Hope this helps.

cipriano said...

Thank you for this info., D.O.
So far, everything is conspiring to make me more hesitant!