Thursday, November 23, 2006

"It look like a woman!"

So, I did something out of the ordinary, for me.
Not the norm.
I’m sitting there at Chapters, and I talked to some girls that I do not know.
I do not do this, ever. Honestly.
And I even hate people [guys] that do it for a hobby.
But here I am, sitting at Chapters, like. A bookstore. And I am nestled away, minding my own business, in this alcove sort of area, beside a huge plate glass window, watching the cars whiz by, on Ogilvie Street.
In walk these two girls, and they settle themselves on the leather couch.
As they unswirl their scarves and wrappings and coats, the scent accosts me.
It is too much for me to ignore.
Absolutely stunning fragrance.
I simply must ask them, before I leave, what in the hell it is that they are wearing!
I must have it, if for nothing else…. to spray on my cat!

I wait.
They babble on, en francais, and I understand only the occasional word or phrase, never an entire sentence.
I am in agony, basically.

“Oh, fragrant women, tell me of thy scent,” I am thinking.

Soon, the one girl began to gather her scarf about her neck.
They were going to leave.
I could stand it no longer.
I rose, and said…. “Excuse me, do you speak English at all?”
The other, unscarfed one said, “Yes.”
I said…. “Your perfume. One of you, or maybe both of you…”
“We wear the same,” the talkative one said.
“Well, it is so beautiful. Could I ask you what it is?” I begged.
“Jean Paul Gaultier.”
“Is that it? No specific name?” I stupidly asked.
“Non. Just………. Jean Paul Gaultier.”

And the first girl said, “It look like a woman!”
“Oh!” I said, and thought → “Hmmm. Tres bien!”
So this is how I know that the decanter shown in the photo at the top of this blog is the one they are referring to, and not this one here below,
a sort of “unisex” one, designed for men AND women.

Described as Floral Oriental, on a par with Ombre Rose…. but let me tell you. I have experience with Ombre Rose, and to me, it is too deep. Too submerged…. dark. Over-musky.

But this Jean-Paul Gaultier?

Soft, spicy orange flower notes meld with piquant aldehydes and sweet spices to create the heart of a floral oriental fragrance.
Born in the 1900s, Floral Orientals came back to life again in the 1970's.
In the past decade, lively, fruity interpretations dominated the floral oriental category, but recent fragrances have developed a more subtle, muted personality.

I am not quite so delicate. If I were writing an official review, I would mention somewhere that the fragrance is overall, umm… “very exhorniating.”

This has got to be the most sexy, gorgeous, vibrant, irrestible women’s perfume I have nostrilly imbibed since, well, Calvin Klein’s Escape, or Thierry Mugler's Angel.
Just tellin’ ya…. in case you’re coming over tonight!
[And you look like a woman!]



May said...

What an exhilarating post! LOVED IT!
To spray the perfume on the cat...I cannot stop laughing...

Those girls, actually any female in your country, should be trying to sneak in your home - were it only for your personality.

cipriano said...

Thank you, May.

As for Canadian girls, believe me, there's nothing subtle about them! For instance, just last night, one was banging on my door so loud I finally had to get up out of bed and let her out!

May said...

At least it was a female...apparently...did you check well?