Thursday, November 09, 2006

Splash du Jour: Thursday

If we are imprisoned in ourselves, books provide us with the means of escape. If we have run too far away from ourselves, books show us the way back.
-- Holbrook Jackson (1874-1948) –

Have a great Thursday!


Matt said...

Like I felt I have drifted too away from the art of language and writing recently, I opened a book called Reading Like A Writer and it pointed me back to some of the artsy way of writing--reminds me that language is the basic element of literature.

Sometimes I just need that mental bootcamp a book has to offer. :-)

Ex Libris said...

So true!

Carl V. said...

Great quote!!!

cipriano said...

My best friend / reading partner, she just read this book you are mentioning, and she loved it.
And she is both brilliant and artsy. And a writer.
So true, language is the basic element of literature.
Just like phrasing is the basic element of music, in my opinion.
My favorite vocalists are those that have a grasp of what "phrasing" is all about.
All the best to you, Matt.
-- Cip