Tuesday, December 26, 2006

agnes in hiding.

Can you find the hidden cat in the above picture?

You know what’s funny?
Her name is agnes, that’s right. It must be spelled in lower case, just like e.e. cummings would do it!
She has had enough of the bustle of Christmas and is trying to hide herself amid the foliage and unopened gifts.
You know what?
I can somewhat relate.
In the midst of all the visiting, do you ever just slink away and find a place to be alone for a few moments? I do.
I think I am part cat. My brain is cat, I think!

Happy Boxing Day [whatever that is] to you!


1 comment:

May said...

I couldn't put up with a lot of visiting - I am already dreading two visits that I have postponed for a year.

Boxing Day, that's the right name. I am envious of your English!