Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I want this game!
And I don’t even LIKE games.
Seriously, I don’t. Board games and me, they are not a great mix. Scrabble is an exception. But other than Scrabble, board games for me are more like BORED games!
But look at this new game I have discovered.
[And by the way, I discovered it while discovering a great blogsite. → Stephanie’s, The Written Word.

Here is a brief description of what goes on, in Bookopoly:
Roll the dice and advance to Read. Collect Bookstores and trade them in for Libraries. Who knows! You may soon be elected President of the Book Club or you may be tossed out of the game for three turns and sent to WATCH TV!

I wanna play I wanna play I wanna play!
But I have a dilemna.

I feel inspired.
I would like to INVENT a board game, called Bookpuddle©.

Roll the dice and advance to Splashland. Collect book "puddles" and trade them in for book "oceans". Who knows! You may soon be elected Cap’n Readsalot of The Big Puddle or you may be slowly drowned by the Puddle Master in three inches of water, or made to walk the plank for writing in the margins!


Isabella said...

I'd play, but I also don't know anyone in real life who'd play with me. I think lots of book bloggers suffer a similar fate — not enough like-minded bookish people in their immediate vicinity. What you have to do is develop an ONLINE version of the games. Or organize a convention.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the shout out! I too don't have any friends to play with (or none that call me a loser on my own blog) :)
- Stephanie

May said...

The comment page opened and I have nothign ready because this is a miracle!!!

I am sorry, I cannot join you in the game: I haven't read a book page (fiction - I guess that methematics doesn't count) since last Summer. I am conscious of the sad fact that this will put me in the list of "unwanted Bookpuddle commentators".
Perhaps we could go swimming together.

cipriano said...

And May!
Oh my! I would LOVE to go swimming with you!
Yes, I would.