Monday, December 11, 2006

Munrovian Authenticity

Readers of this blog will know that I am a great fan of Alice Munro.
I am sort of an Alice Munro junkie.
Recently, as part of my birthday treasures, my reading partner sent me a beautiful, slipcovered book.
Selected Stories, by Alice Munro.
In a little attached note, she said, “I don’t think the signature in it is authentic,” or something to that effect. The book was not new when she purchased it, and there inside, was the following autograph:

My friend thought that the book was sold too cheaply to have been a signed copy, and it had not been advertised as such.
So, I did a little research. After nearly an hour of digging all over the internet, I finally located a REAL, GENUINE signature of Alice Munro.
This is what I found:
So… you be the judge!
What do you think?
Is the signature in my book authentic?
The real McCoy?
I am convinced that it is!
The style of the writing is so amazingly close. Keeping in mind that there may be years and years between each of these signings, I think we have a definite match!
Oh yes, I think that my dear friend inadvertently, and unintentionally, sent me a genuinely signed copy!
She is forever doing these sort of serendipitous things!

Comments by all handwriting experts out there in blogland, are welcome!



Cold Molasses said...

Sorry Cip. Based on my intense scrutiny of the autographs (and my in depth training by means of Murder She Wrote, Matlock, and the Rockford Files!), I have concluded that the autograph in your book is a forgery!

It's almost as if the person signing the autograph in your book was wearing a glove...and it's like the glove didn't fit. Oh no wait, I think that's another case.

Anyway, if you need an expert witness to testify on this matter, you know where to reach me.

May said...

They look the same. Why should you doubt of the evidence? You've been so lucky.