Saturday, January 13, 2007

Two Things!

Last weekend some friends and I gathered for a post-holiday Starbucks gab-session.
The four of us meet every Sunday evening.
Sun, rain, or snow.
One of the things we discussed were New Year's Resolutions.
They had such interesting ones, involving fitness programs, character-building sort of self-assessment things a la Stephen Covey, healthier eating regimens.... all of that sort of planned-out sort of jazz.
When it got to me I had to say...
"Umm. Nothing! Not a single thing!"
Poor planning, I guess. I am just not the "resolution" type.
But just tonight I have thought of two things that are My 2007 Resolutions:

1) More sleep.
2) Less beer.

You may think I am joking but I could not be more serious.
Concerning #1, I am not an insomniac at all. Once I decide to sleep I pretty much go into a coma, but the things is.... by the time I DECIDE to do so, it is usually tomorrow! [Umm, for instance, check the post-time on this blog here...]
That's gotta change.
Concerning #2, I am not an alcoholic at all. But I do consume beer in a bit of an all-too regular sort of fashion. Two here. One there. But I mean, why not drink something else in 2007? Like.... vodka! [No, just kidding]. Like bottled water or something?

So, these are my two resolutions.
I know, I know. I am soooooooooo ambitious!



chumly said...

I gave up beer and ended up a milkshake junkie.

May said...

It is not so much the stomach that I dislike in heavy beer-drinkers, it is the smell. Make me sick.

Cold Molasses said...

Good for you Cip! More sleep for you would do a world of good! And as for the beer...your belt will thank you.

You can see my resolutions here:

Isabella said...

I have the EXACT same resolutions as you. And as of last week, coincidentally, I'm totally into bottled water.