Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Urban Observations: The Sequel

For the past couple of days I have been working offsite, at a highrise building in the downtown core. So I walk there from my place. I love it.
At lunchtime I walk down Metcalfe Street to the Foodcourt at The World Exchange Plaza. [Note…. that’s World Exchange Plaza…. not World Sexchange Plaza…]
Today it was snowing, and the weather was mild.
On the way back to the office I stopped at one intersection with the rest of the herd and waited for the “Walk” signal.
I looked to the right and saw a guy and his dog.
This guy was bent over on hands and knees beside his dog and patting around on a patch of grass, freshly snowed upon.
I found this so interesting that I missed the “Walk” signal altogether and moved a bit closer. With my new angle I could now see what he was after. You probably know too, right?
There it was. A little steaming pile of…… digested Alpo©!
And that’s when I noticed that the guy has a plastic bag over his hand. But I am now wondering why in the hell he doesn’t just pick up the….. treasure….. instead of flattening the snow all around it.

That’s when I noticed the special body-harness on the dog.
This is a seeing-eye dog.
This guy is blind.
Now everything within me is refraining from lending a helping……. voice!
“Little to the left….. some more… oh, too much. To the right now… left again…. you’re getting warmer…. oh too far… back a bit. That’s it. Oh, almost got it….”

But I didn’t. I just watched.
And by Jiminy, he found it.
I wanted to applaud.
But I didn’t.

As the dog led him past me, this guy slipped the bag of treasure into his jacket pocket.
Now that’s dedication!
That is SERIOUS responsible urban living.
Out of respect for you Mr. Blind Person, I did not applaud at the time.
And out of respect for myself, I did not shake your hand!
But seriously, kudos to you my friend, for your canine poop-consciousness above and beyond the call of duty.



patricia said...

Which just goes to show that if a BLIND person can make the effort to pick up his dog's poop, then there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for anyone else to leave their dog's crap for the rest of us to walk on!!! Grrrrrr...

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Hi, this is my first visit to your blog (with the help of "May"s).

What a touching story! Maybe I should print it and hang it on trees for those nincompoops who choose ignore this special litter problem. Ah, Vienna, city of dog lovers, me included!