Tuesday, February 27, 2007

As Seen @ The Oscars...

Is there even a need for commentary on this?
And yet, it is probably time I renewed my vows, so, here goes…

Did ever a more scintillating siren strap stilettos to her stilts?
Has any runway ever received more curvacious cargo than the one this vermillion vixen trods?
Has any hope-filled Hoosier at any 4H event in history ever, ever.... EVER presented to the judges a more Healthy, Heavenly-Hooved Heifer?
No, no, and NO!

To this… this blazing Statue of Womanity, I say:
“Oh Nicole, you sweet-accented strawberry-gummed Aussiebomb!
To me you are more than just the highest-paid woman in Hollywood.

You are more than the Queen of Celluloid.

You… you are the Desktop and Screensaver of my heart!

Virtually, my everything!”


1 comment:

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

I love her, ever since she left that ghastly sofa jumper!
The wonderful thing about her is that she is loved by women too. One of my daughters watched the Oscars (due to the time difference, shown after midnight into the whee hours) and came to similar conclusions as you are, she just loved Nicole in her dress.