Tuesday, February 06, 2007

El Sicko!

Well, turns out that "what happens in Mexico" does NOT necessarily stay in Mexico!
I was not going to say much about it because I don't want to portray a negative image of my holidays, but the time has come to confess that in some rather significant ways, I am sicker than a donkey!
And [again, like a donkey!] I went to work today, but left at around noon, and went to a doctor.
I am ill.
And I have been ill since Sunday.
At around the time that Devin Hester was running back that opening kickoff, I was incapacitated in my Puerto Vallartan hotel room, watching the tele!
Three of the five people in my vacation party were sick. Obviously something we ate is trying to kill us. Other than this minor setback, everything was superbly fun and excellent. I loved it.
Except for the part where we are now dying and all.
So I am just writing this brief little synopsis tonight to let you know that I miss blogging.
And I will soon be back to my usual braying and hee-hawing.
Unless I actually die.


Dorothy W. said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Cold Molasses said...

Ooops...we talked about this didn't we Cip??? I guess that pre-trip visit to the doctor might have been a good idea afterall?

Oh well, having gone through what you are likely going through, the upside is that it will go away within 3-4 weeks! Or if you really stop eating for a couple of days and just drink water, you might stop it quickly.

Have fun with that!

Ex Libris said...

I suppose the advice "don't drink the water" is a little too late? So sorry for your illness, and on vacation, too! Hope you are feeling better soon :)

May said...

You cannot die and leave three orphans behind...

Isabella said...

Feel better. I'm going to go have some beer and nachos.

patricia said...

Egads. Another reason not to go to Mexico! Enjoy the Pepto Abysmal and all the other fun stuff you have to swallow to survive!