Monday, March 19, 2007

Advanced Beggetry 101

Worked until my usual five o’clock quitting time.
Actually it was not a bad day, rather calm. Perhaps a lot of our clients are still away on March break, or not yet back into the swing of things. Hence, our orders were not at their usual horrifically unmanageable pace!
So I was really looking forward to my Starbucks time, as the day dragged on.
Looking forward to reading some more of this excellent Michael Ondaatje book.
Upon arriving here at the Chapters store, I ensconsed myself at the usual Starbucks table by the pillar, and turned on the PowerBook.
As it booted up, I patted my inner jacket pocket and said the word, “Damn!”
→ No money.
My wallet is in my other jacket, the one I was wearing last night.
To clarify things for myself, I said “Damn!” again.
Then I turned and paced a bit, as though some money would somehow appear if I did this.
Dug around in my pockets.
Looked at all the baristas…. over there….. barista-ing…..

Should I do this? Should I go up to that one barista-guy and beg for mercy?
Thing is…. I’ll look like some kind of street-person, vagrant/hobo, or whatnot.
I don’t know. I should just go. Like home, I mean.
But I don’t want to and stuff…

[Already leaning on the dessert display case….]
“Umm. Hey. What’s up? Yeah…. seriously, [it helps to use your hands right about now, gesture vaguegly and adopt a forlorn expression] → like, I can’t believe this but…. [barista-guy is totally staring at me…] you know how I am in here pretty much every day?”

“Yep! You always sit right there, by the pillar,"
he points.

[See…. to establish a sort of camaraderie of sorts is to score big points in your overall hobo-y favor!]
“Right. Exactly. Well, today I forgot my wallet in my other jacket and I know this is sort of a retarded thing to ask of you and it may be against your store policy to sort of….”

“Hey, no problem at all. I understand totally. You forgot your wallet,
[now he too is gesturing all over the place, so I resume my own gesturing. We are both flailing about in a combined Dance of The Forgotten Wallet…]…. so, forget about it.... what’ll you have, it’s on me!”

“No, no, no. I will pay you I swear, when I am in tomorrow!”

“NO! It’s ON THE HOUSE. Trust me. Not a problem.”

So I order a Grande Bold and the guy pours it.
And hands it to me.
Restoring my faith not only in humanity…. but in baristas, and the entire art, of baristage!
In the Spirit of Starbucks!



Haley-O said...

Ha! great post, Cip! There's nothing like reading a book in your own little nook at a Chapter's/Indigo Starbucks...nothing like it! A great drink...surrounded by books. I miss it. Now, being preggers and all, I can't stand the smell of coffee (woe is me!). I've never been a coffee drinker, but I miss my Chai Tea Lattes! And, my READING! Soon, I'll be feeling alive enough to get into my favourite hobby again.

I loved this story. Funny, and I totally relate! You NEEDED that drink with your book!

cipriano said...

Thank you for your comment Haley-O.
Yeah... I am at Chapters/Indigo/Starbucks EVERY DAY! I am thinking of getting my mail re-routed to there... you know, hang a nice little mailbox on the pillar?
I am addicted!
I just love being around books, and coffee.
The only thing more shocking [for me] than misplacing my wallet like I did today would be for me to find out.... well, for instance.... that I AM PREGGERS!
All the best to you Haley-O!
-- Cip

piksea said...

I'm always warmed by the fact that there are some really kind people out there. I'm so glad you had a run in with one!

Cleo said...

Yep, being a regular is a great thing. My Starbucks is literally about 30 yards from my office door. I always get a grande coffee with room and a venti black iced tea, extra strong, extra sweet. They see me in line and go ahead and make it and have it waiting. Same thing-get in line, only my wallet is in the office or the kids will have swiped extra lunch money and I'm short...they just say to pay next time I'm in. Glad you had good luck. An evening with no books and coffee is sad indeed. People who drink and/or make coffee are good folks!

Stefanie said...

Being a regular has its advantages :)