Friday, March 30, 2007


Hmmm... is that redundant?
FREE book giveaway?
What would the opposite be?
OBLIGATORY book giveaway?

OK, this is a CONTEST of sorts, wherein the fine folks at Bookpuddle will send you a free book if you can decipher the name of a bestselling contemporary novel, from clues given by a sadistic Blog-Proprieter. [me].
My ONLY hint, is to tell you that it is NOT the bestseller that you see in the image there... it is not that wonderful epic, Things To Make.

I am not going to reveal the answer until Sunday evening!
Unless no one at all responds.
Then.... I will reveal the answer perhaps like never!
And I will conclude that none of you are "into" receiving a free book in the mail, nor are you very much "into" Book-games in general.

Enough preamble. Here goes.
Here are the four clues:

1) H.P. will probably take Monday off.
2) 53 / 1977.

3) In six days J.F.K. will be murdered.

4) Couldawoulda

The first person to correctly guess the name of this book will receive their choice of the following brand new [unused] novels in the mail, sent to them absolutely free!

Oryx and Crake / Margaret Atwood
Lighthousekeeping / Jeanette Winterson
On Love / Alain de Botton
Headhunter / Timothy Findley


It is now the next day and I feel bad because I may have made my four hints a bit too difficult.
So.... I am going to give the following SERIOUS HINT!
The book in question is one of the ones in this list --> [CLICK]



Dorothy W. said...

Okay, I think I'm a dunce. I don't get it. But I'll think about it ...

Stefanie said...

Maybe it's too early but I'm stumped at the moment too! I'll think more...

Isabella said...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

Or maybe The Handmaid's Tale. This is impossibly difficult. Or The Catcher in the Rye, but then clue #4 is deceptive because it wouldn't've even been eligible.

Cold Molasses said...


cipriano said...

Valiant efforts.
Especially Cold Molasses, who is guessing a Booker candidate from 1977.
I have edited the blog and placed a HINT there!

Isabella said...

My first REAL guess then is Saturday (Ian McEwan), cuz a heck of a lot happens that day, and our protagonist's initials are HP, and if I were him, I'd take a day off.

I'm a little confused by the relevance of Nov 16, 1963, unless there's some other JFK I don't know about.

Amanda said...

Well my guess is Saturday as well, though if I'm right I'm a little late because Isabella has already guessed that. I'm still putting it out there though! The protagonist's inital's plus JFK was shot on a Friday, hence the "six days until..." Even if I'm wrong, this was a fun contest! Made us think!

patricia said...

Oh dear. I haven't a clue. I've been going over in my mind the list of books you have mentioned, matching up your info with the ones I have read, and I got nuthin'.

But it is a fun contest!

Stefanie said...

After careful examination of all the titles and plotlines I must also say that the title you are asking for is Saturday by Ian McEwan.