Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Can't Argue With The Stars!

I usually don’t believe, even for three seconds, in horoscopes.
If you do not believe me, READ THIS!
For me, credence level, when it comes to horoscopes, is firmly set well into the negative integers!
A friend sent me the following, tonight [I should be sleeping right now] and it intrigued me because of its damnable accuracy.
She said:
"Here is your day's horoscope. I know it's late to be telling you...You're charming, fascinating, and intellectually stimulating. You don't give a fig about working, however. This is fine, if you're a professor of philosophy or independently wealthy. You really should be both."

Well, seriously now, as a good Sagitarrian, I cannot at all argue with the beginning portion of this horoscope.
Hell, I can’t argue with any of it.
Never has anything more apropos been said of me.
What can I say?
I am now a horoscopic believer!


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