Monday, April 02, 2007

Adventures in Duckfarming: Part 1

My friend, she buys a fresh herd of ducklings every spring.
The above photo is of this year’s batch of peepers!
She raises them, like the good Duckmistress she is, and teaches them to read only the best Duck-literature.
Later, they will enjoy frolicking in their own swimming pool in the yard.
Then, as unthankful as last year’s batch, they will fly away.
Is there anything more thankless than a duck?
Well, how about a cat?

This is Zeus.
He was eyeing the peepers today! Oh, yes he was.
Licking his paws. Salivating. Filing his claws, at one point.
Just as Zeus was dragging the ol’ barbeque out of the garage, he looked over and saw the dreaded Duckmistress, holding a broom, and glaring at him.
He knows better than to mess with the likes of her!
For now, the peepers are blissfully enjoying their duck existence.
I will keep you posted here, as to their progress toward adult-duckhood through the 2007 season!



Stefanie said...

The ducklings are so cute! And Zeus is a pretty, self-satisfied looking cat.

danielle said...

Dang those are cute little ducklings! And yes, cats are very thankless. Even when you feed them and clean out their little boxes. Never once have I gotten even the smallest thank you.

cipriano said...

Them are some cute peepers, for sure!

What is it with cats and their self-sufficiency?
They look at us like they don't need us!