Sunday, April 01, 2007


The first [but not last] Great Bookpuddle Book Giveaway has come and gone!
Several of you have taken a crack at it and have guessed the right book, which is Ian McEwan’s Saturday!
However, the lovely Isabella of Magnificent Octopus was the first to get it right, and therefore, she wins her choice of the four books that were listed on the blog.
Congratulations Isabella!
Just send your mailing address to and lickety-split… you shall have a new book sent to you!

I think I was a bit too obscure with my 4 clues. Next time around I will try to be less sadistic. But here is the explanation…. my [sick] rationale:

1) H.P. will probably take Monday off.
Just as Isabella had mentioned in her answer…. the main character Henry Perowne, had a hell of a Saturday [the novel takes place during this one day], and so, I am assuming that he does not exactly go to work on Monday.
I know. I am sadistic!

2) 53 / 1977.
There were 53 Saturdays in the year 1977.
[Should I just be shot to death and that’s it?]

3) In six days J.F.K. will be murdered.
John F. Kennedy was assassinated on a Friday [Nov.22, 1963]…. hence, six days earlier would be a SATURDAY!

4) CouldawouldashouldawonaBooker!
I always thought that Saturday should have won, in 2005. I even wrote about it.

Next time it will be better!
Less insane.
More fun.
Thank you all for playing. For splashing around!


Dorothy W. said...

That was fun -- sorry to be a bit slow about these things! Yay for Isabella!

Isabella said...

Oh! Yay for me! Thanks! I'll admit, too, that I had a totally different and complicated interpretation of clue #2, dividing 1977 by 53 and...

Stefanie said...

That was fun. Thanks for the game and congrats to Isabella!

patricia said...

Congrats, Isabella! Clever gal!

cipriano said...

It was fun.
But I promise, I will make it more funner next time.
Thank you all for participating, and pitting your wits against the Octopus!

Beth said...

And I read that book, too.
Don't make the next contest as hard - for dopes like me.
Oh, make it as hard as you like. I just won't play. So there.