Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just Listening

I am having one of those mellow Saturdays, where I hit the Jazz folder in my iTunes and sit back and sip coffee... and relax.
Think some more. Fall in love, all over again, with Life© .

I look over at Jack [my cat] and see that he uncannily opens one eye, somehow aware I was asking for his opinion on the subject, and I can see in that moment that he agrees with me.
"Life is pretty damn good," he says with a big yawn.

I'm just listening.
In some way, the quietness of today has made me think of a poem I once wrote.

Just Listening

For hours now, you’ve told me how
your life has been so rough…
And it’s been draining, and maintaining
silence has been tough.

I want to get involved and get it solved
and see you freed…
But I sense my advice, though nice
is not quite what you need.

No, I believe that sharing is repairing
you in a way…
That my words merely, though sincerely
chosen, fail to say.

For sometimes listening is the glistening
thread we can extend…
There love is known, and hurt is sewn
and friend is bound to friend.

© Ciprianowords Inc. 2007

Wishing you all a peaceful, attentive, weekend!
-- Cip



Beth said...

That thread is a precious and healing one.
And isn't it wonderful that we are able to, "fall in love, all over again, with life..." - no matter what?

cipriano said...

Yes, it is wonderful, Beth!

I remember the first time I ever caught a flight on a really rainy day. Grey and dark, it was.
I thought nothing of it, of course, just sat back in the seat.
But when the plane punched through all of the clouds... holy moly!
The SUN!
Obviously, all along it was just as bright outside, above all of that precipitation.
Events can descend and so crowd out that perspective. Meanwhile, "Life" [what Life is] is still filled with all of the potential it ever had, for goodness and beauty. And warmth and stuff.

It sounds trite, I suppose, but I saw it [squinting] at the time, as a real revelation.

Beth said...

Your reply to my comment could be a post in itself.
Absolutely nothing "trite" about what you say - it's the potential that keeps us going.
(And, oh, yeah, sorry about Ottawa's loss last night. Truly. I'm rooting for the Canadian teams - much as it pains me to cheer for Ottawa...)

cipriano said...

Beth. Yes, that was a bitter pill.
When Heatley scored with something like 25 seconds left or whatever? Well.... I saw God, as it were.
But then when Langenbrunner scored in the second period of Overtime?
What can I say?
All I saw then was.... a pile of DEVILS!

Curse them!