Friday, April 27, 2007

Splash du Jour: Friday

If art teaches anything… it is the privateness of the human condition.
Being the most ancient as well as the most literal form of private enterprise, it fosters in a man, knowingly or unwittingly, a sense of his uniqueness, of individuality, of separateness - thus turning him from a social animal to an autonomous "I".

-- Joseph Brodsky, Nobel speech –

Have a great Friday!


Dewey said...

That photo reminds me of my second time visiting the Louvre. I had already seen the Mona Lisa on my first visit, so the second time, I was completely intrigued by the people clustered around her. I started photographing people photographing her. When I looked at the pictures later, what struck me most was all the GET ME THE HELL OUT OF THIS CROWD expressions on people's faces.

cipriano said...

This statue here [in the photo] is the Venus de Milo.... in the Louvre.