Monday, May 07, 2007

Splash du Jour: Monday

I can take a whole day to think of a topic. I finally will get one and I’ll get maybe a sentence and a half written, but if there is a good enough intro or a good enough joke, I’ll consider that a good day’s work. I’ll expect to finish that the next day, but I won’t always succeed.
I’m a very slow writer, a constant rewriter. Humor is two things: the joke and the timing. I’m fanatical about whether to use 'but' or 'although' because of the timing. Or should I change a number like 853 to a number like 2,040? Which is funnier? Which one is big enough to be really stupid, without being too big? I spend a lot of time thinking about things like that.
-- Dave Barry –
Have a great Monday!

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