Thursday, May 03, 2007

Starbucks Loves Me

You know that Starbucks loves you when…. when you get free stuff in the mail, and you did not ever ask for it!
See this bag of coffee here?
When I got home from work today, there in my mailbox was a little brown package.

I looked at the return address. STARBUCKS?
I didn’t order anything from Starbucks.
I almost tore the thing open in the elevator on the way up to Bookpuddle Headquarters© , so intrigued was I.
Inside was a half pound of Guatemala Antigua coffee, in whole-bean format.
And a lovely card, which read:

This gift marks the second anniversary of your Starbucks Duetto Card.
Because your enthusiasm and support mean so much to us,
we just had to say, “Thanks.”

Then there was this pile of descriptive information about this particular style of coffee, and then a bunch more stuff about how much of an awesome person I am, basically.
It gets pretty mushy, so I am going to leave those parts out. It’s between me and…. the God of Starbucks! Sacred stuff!
But at first, I must admit… it freaked me out, reading about the “Second Anniversary” and all. Because see, it was just recently my second BLOGIVERSARY, and my first thoughts were…. “How did they know?”

I just thought that this was a real classy thing to do.
Would Tim Horton’s do this? COME ON! Be serious!
Only Starbucks© is this wonderfully importunate about promoting coffee-addiction!

And so once again… I declare Starbucks to be the world’s best coffee, and also the world’s most friendliest and thoughtful ummm…. coffee magnate! May they continue to monopolize the entire surface of the earth with their inviting green signs…. the siren calling us hither!


Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

They got you on * t h e i r * screen!!!!!

Sylvia said...

Guatemala Antigua for free!Fantastic coffee...lucky you!

BlueRectangle Books

Beth said...

You and my sister are a pair of Starbucks addicts. Which is fine. Especially when you get freebies and recognition.

This may sound sacrilegious to you, but I actually prefer my own coffee!

Happy Anniversary - again.

danielle said...

Man, did I not say they owed you something!