Monday, June 04, 2007


Well, dang nab it, I am having some hockey woes!
No, it’s not just that my team, the Senators are down by a game in this series!
It is a completely unrelated combination of events.
First, I worked real late tonight. Then, when I was finally out of the warehouse, it was RAINING!
Hence, ruining my plans of going down to the Jumbo-Tron to watch the game! [I still don’t own an umbrella!]
Then, I thought that perhaps I would go to a bar and watch the game.
But I hate paying the price of beer in a bar, honestly I do. I am a ROYAL cheapskate about alcohol!
So I figured I will come home and watch the game on TV. And like get drunk here, for cheaper.
But partway home I remembered that my TV is on the fritz. As in, totally not working!
So…. as I write this… I am huddled around the RADIO!

The what?
Yes, like in the olden days. I feel like some bombed-out Londoner, searching through the static on the wireless for news on the Fuhrer’s latest actions! Who watches hockey on the radio? I guess I do!
So far there is no score, first period is nearly over. I am all tense!

This is sort of fun, in an eerie sort of way. I may make some popcorn!
All day today I have been thinking that it is Spezza’s night to turn on the afterburners and score a goal [or two]. That is Jason Spezza, one of Ottawa’s key players, shown above. He is an erratic player, but when he is on, he’s damn good.
So, my prediction is that he scores 12 goals tonight.
And sends the Ducks squacking all the way back to Californy!

I’ll be back later with a post-game comment!

Wow! How about an update already! Daniel Alfredsson [the team Captain] scores in the LAST SECOND of the first period!
Sens are going into the first intermission, leading 1 - 0!


Much later.... it's not looking good.
Only minutes left and Anaheim leading 3 - 2.

2 minutes to go.....

They lost!
This is the game of hockey. Only one team can win!
For those keeping score.... this means that the series is at 3 - 2 in favor of Anaheim, and the Sens are now on the brink of elimination as they travel to Californy for the [most probable] coup de gras on Wednesday!
And for those of you keeping really close track of things here at Bookpuddle, you will recall that tonight was supposed to be the Roger Waters concert, and this game ousted it!
The Waters concert will be on Wednesday the 6th, and I'll be there!


Beth said...

So sad - and frustrating.

(I remember listening to hockey games on the radio in bed when I was a kid - the "olden days...")

Merisi said...

Oh shucks! :-(
I loved listening to soccer on the radio when I was a kid (with my parents refusing to buy a TV set, there was no other choice - was allowed to go watch Lassie, and Fury, Flipper, and "Cartwrights" over at one of the neighboring farms *g*).

I hope the concert will reward you for all the heartbreak of the past week, and who knows, what the Senators will be up to, with you gone to the concert! ;-)