Friday, June 15, 2007

Splash du Jour: Friday

There are a whole bunch of books about Hillary Clinton. According to a biography of Hillary by Carl Bernstein… Bill Clinton planned to divorce Hillary.
And when asked why she stayed married, Hillary was quoted as saying, “There are worse things than infidelity.”

To which Bill Clinton said, “Yeah. Fidelity.”
-- Jay Leno --

Have a great Friday!


Merisi said...

I would say most of those people he see themselves authorized to critize or ridicule the Clintons' marriage probably couldn't stand the scrutiny these two people have survived. I remember that Gingrich guy, on his third marriage (or was it is second?), who was on the forefront of the Clinton bashers, and who later had to fess up to having arried on at the same time an adulterous relationship with yet another woman (whom he married in the meantime, I think to have read ... hard to keep up on his women *g*). He who throws the first stone ....

cipriano said...

Good point Merisi.
I hope that all of my readers know that I am, in no way, passing any kind of moral judgment upon the Clintons.... merely passing on comments from televison's comedians, comments that I myself probably find more whimsically humorous than even these comedians imagine to be the case!
Truth is, I am 100% opposed to moral judgments, in general.
-- Cip

Merisi said...

I think you know, Cipriano, that I was neither referring to you nor to Jay. ;-) I had a good laugh, too, about Jay's wittiness, and I thank you for keeping me up to date up the latest Late Night jokes. :-)))