Friday, June 22, 2007

Splash du Jour: Friday

Me, calling home to check in on Jack!

You know, sometimes I REALLY miss Mexico!

I really REALLY miss the place! [MORE PICS]
Have a great Friday!


patricia said...

Cip, you really gotta win the lottery! Boy do you ever fit in there! I could totally see you sipping and reading and sipping and chatting to the ladies about books and sipping and reading some more!

Mmmmm...makes me thirsty looking at these pics! Corona is my fave beer!

Literalicious said...

Great pics! I've never been to looks fun! :)

May said...

I wouldn't go back to Mexico, I wasn't enthusiastic about it. It was nice but not breathtaking.

Your sisters are pretty! Your other siblings did not come? You are handsome too, by the way.

cipriano said...

Patricia: Yep, I wanted to stay. I could live there, I'm not even kidding!
I would love to drink a swimming pool of Corona dry!

Literalicious: Got to Mexico if you can. Do not listen to May, in her comment below!

May: Thank you for the compliment. My whole family did not go, just my two sisters along with their husbands. I want to go back. We had such a great time, even though a few of us got sick from eating salad!