Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Matrix: Part 1

a) It’s called sleeping in.
b) It’s called being lazy.
c) Sometimes referred to as… holidays!
Me, exhibiting option b), above.

I am still on holidays and I am being so lazy that I dreamed my way right past a posting of the morning’s Splash du Jour. See, [insert excuse, here ] last night my friend and I began watching The Matrix at about midnight, and then had a big discussion about the movie afterward.

I finally “get” the thing. The Matrix. I concur with my friend that it is a philosophically interesting story. For years he has been alluding to this movie in our conversations about life and in those moments I have always stared at him like a zombie, not knowing what he is talking about.
Now I get it!
All of this junk that we do…. my typing of this blog entry, the “fact” that I am hungry right now, my addiction to Starbucks coffee, and hamburgers…. ALL OF THIS IS NOT REAL!
It’s an illusion.
We are all part of a gi-normous computer-generated program, engineered, overseen, and monitored by machines!
We are living in the Matrix.

So, I am going to do the only thing that an enlightened person should do.
I’m going to shut my laptop and go back to sleep for an afternoon nap!
As the character Cypher says while chowing down on a piece of steak…


Beth said...

To think we are living in the Matrix is not a comforting thought.

Nevertheless, sweet dreams. (But THEY will be watching you.)

cipriano said...

I agree, Beth.
I just watched the next movie in the trilogy, tonight. The Matrix: Reloaded.
It was wild.

Literalicious said...

It took me a couple viewings to "get" The Matrix. I think I was distracted by all the SFX. Oh, and that guy Keanu didn't help my attention to the plotline either. ;)

Afternoon naps during the week are sinfully good, aren't they?

cipriano said...

Would any one this side of the Rio Grande believe that in three nights I watched all three Matrix movies?
Now.... every time the phone rings, I'm thinkin'.... "Beam me up, Scotty!"

And hey, how about the "Agent" guys.
Like... are they not modelled TOTALLY after Robert Schuller? You know, the Crystal Cathedral guy?
The "Agent" guys are totally Robert Shuller!