Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wanna Winna Swashbuckler?

Ever wonder what a swashbuckler is?
Well, now would be a good time to make up your mind, as to a definition.
Because Isabella at Magnificent Octopus [and isn’t that a magnificent one, above?] is having a Book Giveaway.
She is going to send someone a real good swashbuckler of a novel.
To be eligible, however, you must post a comment at her site [CLICK HERE], and give your definition of what a swashbuckler is?
Hmmm…. I myself want to get that book she is offering, even though “swashbuckler” is not a genre I am too familiar with.
Here is what the dictionary says about the word:

swashbuckle |ˈswô sh ˌbəkəl; ˈswä sh-|
verb [ intrans. ] [usu. as adj. ] ( swashbuckling)
engage in daring and romantic adventures with ostentatious bravado or flamboyance : a crew of swashbuckling buccaneers.
ORIGIN late 19th cent.: back-formation from swashbuckler .

One thinks of pirates! All manner of mayhem. Some hero coming to the rescue.
Perhaps a damsel or two in distress?
I think of The Lord of The Rings as a swashbuckler in many ways, except for the “romantic". There is not much romance in Tolkien.
To be honest, I think of Jim Crace’s recent work, The Pesthouse, as being somewhat of a swashbuckler.
I think I am somewhat Swashbuckler Deficient.
But…. if I win Isabella’s little contest, perhaps things will change!
Even though this radically diminishes my own chances of winning anything, I will say it again…… Cast Thy Vote!


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