Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Killing My Crackers

Hey, total random question here.
I am not even TRYING to be remotely philosophical, or witty. Or brilliant. Or uncanny. Or bookish.
Neither though is this just a sort of “filler” blog posting, due to my not having anything profoundly relevant to say.
None of the above.
I believe this to be profoundly… significant.

Today at work, I was microwaving a bowl of soup.
Afterwards, when things were nice and hot, I applied the crackers.
Gotta have crackers.
By the way, any response that says “I don’t even use crackers in soup” will just be deleted by the folks at Homeland Security.

So, here is the thing.
I put in this exorbitant pile of crackers and then smashed them up, once they were already in the soup.
There were some immediate problems with this technique.
Namely, stuff overflowed the sides of the bowl.

My question is this.
Would it have been more prudent of me to have crushed up the crackers first, AND THEN put them in the soup?

How do you do it?
No, really. Let’s not joke around. People were injured today.
How do you do it?
Do you crush up the crackers first and then put them in your soup?
Or…. or, do you, as I am wont to do [I think this is the way The Ground of All Being and/or Jesus intended it to be]… put them in there and smash them up with a spoon while they are flailing about, gasping for air?
How do you kill your crackers?



Marg said...

Crackers...in soup????

Please bear in mind that I am in Australia, so it might not be illegal for me to think this thought! LOL!

stefanie said...

Please don't delete my comment, but I don't put crackers in my soup. If I have crackers and soup, I eat the carckers along with the soup but not in it. But I rarely have crackers, usually I have fresh bread. Most of my coworkers add crackers to their soup though and they all seem to crush them up as they put them in the soup.

patricia said...

I crumble my crackers directly over my bowl of soup. How difficult is that?? No mess, and less stressful than trying to mush up wet crackers that are already in the bowl.

Who taught you how to eat soup?? I would have laughed myself silly if I'd seen you eating your lunch like that, Cippy.

Beth said...

Oh my God, you're serious, aren't you?
Yes, you crush the crackers first and then add them to your soup.

Unless you're like a kid and want to make a mess.

Lisa said...

I don't like my crackers too mushy, so I break them over my soup, one at a time. Eat that cracker/soup, break the next one. Sometimes I just dip the cracker, depending on the soup.

Melanie said...

I like mushy crackers, especially in tomato or mushroom soup. So I crush them up over the bowl and then let them soak up most of the soup so I have cracker mush. Yum!

Amanda said...

I put my crackers out of their misery before subjecting them to boiling hot soup...try it...it works! :-)

cipriano said...

Wow, it looks like we have a real majority of Pre-Crushed Cracker types here.
One person actually did respond in an email, saying that she does it the Bookpuddle way, throwing them in whole and busting them up with a spoon once they are in there.

But reading these comments, hmmm... I am feeling a bit, shall we say, UNORTHODOX about the way I've been doing things?
Tomorrow, tomorrow I will pulverize some crackers and then add them to the soup. I don't want some sort of Cracker Intervention descending on me. I don't want to be sent to CA meetings [Crackers Anonymous].
"Hi. I'm Cip, a recovering Whole Cracker man!"
"Hi, Cip!"
say the other Cracker addicts, in unison...

Merisi said...

Oyster Crackers to the rescue! Small and ready to sink whole hog into your soup (maybe you need to go South of the Border to procure some???).

Merisi said...

When I eat soup, I eat soup. ;-)