Monday, August 06, 2007

Pigeons: Part 14

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Well, here we go again.
I just went onto my balcony to water some plants that I have out there, in big-normous clay pots. One of these pots has no plants in it, just dirt.
And two pigeon eggs!
When I opened the door a big flurry of wings greeted me… the startled Mom pigeon. I have a patio table in the corner, and under this, a big clay pot filled with nice soft dirt.
Prime pigeon real-estate! All that is missing is one of those big flashing arrow signboards, saying LAY EGGS HERE!

Last season, when the homely brood finally flew away, I soused the soil in that pot with kerosene, thinking that this would deter prospective parents this year.
I guess it didn’t.
Now, not only will I have pigeons again, but they will be high on fumes.
Drunk pigeons.

Why didn’t you just throw out the dirt altogether Cipriano?

See, I just don’t have it in me to go and do the other option, which is to just mercilessly pick the eggs out of there and throw them away.
Or throw them over the edge, at cars on Bolton Street, which could even be fun!
No, I can’t do it. Even though they are pigeons and pigeons are vermin.
They’re still living creatures.
I guess I am officially against Pigeonbortion!

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Beth said...

Ah, you old softie...

Merisi said...

Kerosine. Says it all. :-)

Last summer I exited a store on a prime shopping street in Vienna and all of a sudden something wet and sticky hit my head, and both of my arms, and the front of my dress. A whole week's load of ....
Still suffering from PPTSS (Postraumatic Pigeon Stress Syndrome).

heather said...

Awww. I wouldn't be able to toss 'em either.

stefanie said...

Nice of you not to toss them. But after they have flown the coop, you might want to get rid of the dirt or you'll be hosting more pigeons again next year. Unless of course the pigeons provide some sort of entertainment for Jack, but he seems rather high class for pigeons :)

Sam Houston said...

We have the same thing happen every year with starlings. They drive us nuts with their chirping until they finally fly away, but we don't have the heart to disturb what has become their annual ritual in one our our large flower pots...three years in a row now, so I think you can count on annual visitors unless you change the environment up there.