Saturday, September 29, 2007

Good Granny / Bad Granny

Hey, kids.
Fellow Puddlers.
There is a contest, and you need to enter in!
A lot of you may already be aware that cartoonist/illustrator Patricia Storms, that nutty girl at BookLust has launched a contest. But I want to remind you, time is running out for you to submit your own story to her.
She is asking for you to recount your Good Granny and/or Bad Granny stories. You will find all of the information you need in the link I provide at the the end of this blog. And, as she has said, “please don't worry about making it an astounding literary work of art – I just want an entertaining, honest tale, told straight from the heart.”
I just sent her my own submission tonight, and it is not a work of art, by a long shot. Just a funny heart-remembered, memory.
Patricia is a lot of fun. She is a hoot. It was so neat to meet her for the first time back in July, at Indigo Books in Toronto.
We chatted about old times as if they were old times!
Write your Granny story and send it to her before Oct.14th.
Yes... of THIS year!
For more information, click HERE.



Beth said...

I sent mine in ages ago!
(I'm such a good girl...)

patricia said...

Thanks, Puddle-boy! You're a sweetie!