Thursday, September 06, 2007


Do you ever look at old family photos, and reminisce?
I do.
This is one of my favorites, here.
We are fishing, quite obviously.
We are fishing at a place that no human beings, other than us, have actually been to in their lifetime.
A place called The Pas, Manitoba.
The year?
I was 10 years old. By the way, that’s me in the red horizontal stripes and plaid slacks!
Have you ever seen a cuter kid in your life?
My dad is holding the “catch du jour”, I believe my mother is at the helm of the camera.
Next to dear old dad, is my brother.
Why is his belt buckle undone?
We……. don’t talk about that. Especially in public!
Then, on the far right, my favorite person in the world, my sister. She is a year younger than I am. I love her to bits! Little wee bits.
Next summer, her own daughter is getting married. My, how time flies.
And that fish?
It's still in my freezer. I plan on frying it up, this weekend!


Dark Orpheus said...

You were 10 years old in 1874? Man, you must be well-preserved! ;p

Beth said...

When I look at old family photos I either cringe or smile...

BTW - that fish is now 133 years old. I wouldn't risk frying it up.

stefanie said...

Somehow the fashions of 1874 are not quite what I imagined they would be.

Matt said...


It's interesting that everyone was wearing clothes with some kind of geometric patterns and stripes. :)

cipriano said...

You gotta admit though, for a guy that is 143 years old, I'm still blogging not too bad, huh?
[You're right about the fish though Beth, I should probably just throw the damn thing out!]