Sunday, October 28, 2007

Me Sick

Hi, Friends.
This is a picture [actual self-shot photo] of me a few minutes ago.
Me sick.
I have a bad cold. Hence, I just thought I’d pop by to say where I've been.
Been drinking Neo-Citran© and stuff.
I asked my American friend if she had ever heard of Neo-Citran. Nope! She had never heard of the stuff.
This shocked me, because here in Canada, Neo-Citran is like the first thing a sick puppy reaches for, when feeling the sniffles coming on.
So I’ve been drinking that, and popping Benylin© and Tylenol© .
At first, these pills seemed rather ineffective with my runny nose issues. So I shoved one up each nostril. And wow, the dripping stopped immediately!
Nowhere on the package does it prescribe this method, so I’m giving you all some free medical advice here!

Besides just lazing around, I purged some of my bookshelves of unwanted books, since next Friday begins a weekend of wild used-book sales at the Annual Rockcliffe Park Bookfair.
Every year I not only attend the thing, but I also donate! This year will probably be my tenth year at the Bookfair.
I have gathered up six boxes of books, perhaps 70 pounds each, ready to go. In one of them is a 25 volume set of The Complete Works of Honore de Balzac.
I put a special note on the top of the box, explaining that the contents are valuable.
I wonder what these will be priced at?
If I attend the sale on Friday and see those things going for $500 or something I will promptly jump off a bridge. I am too lazy to put them on eBay.
Reading-wise, I am thoroughly enjoying John Irving’s The Fourth Hand.
I really loved my previous read, also an Irving book, A Prayer For Owen Meany.

I wish you a great Sunday afternoon / evening, and I hope you do not catch my cold from reading this blog!
But if you do start to sniffle, I advise you to drink some Neo Citran, and shove some pills up your snout.
Cippy Sickpuppy



Beth said...

Ah, poor "Cippy Sickpuppy."
Hope you're feeling better soon.
I'm surprised you haven't experienced a lethal overdose considering the amount of stuff you're taking.

Shari said...

I wonder if the dam you built in your nose would burst?

Rest, with ibuprofen-induced stupor, with your John Irving book. Great way to forget your troubles is getting immersed in a book. Get well soon.

stefanie said...

Sorry you are unwell. But even when you are sick you are funny :) Be careful with those pills in your nose. When I was a kid and had a cold I stuffed kleenex up my nose. It stopped the dripping but I ended up at the doctor because we couldn't get the Kleenex out! Hope you are feeling better soon!

patricia said...

Awww...take care! And don't over medicate, ok?

Remember those old Neo-Citron ads with the St. Bernard? I always liked those...maybe you need a St. Bernard to bring you a flask of whiskey!