Thursday, October 04, 2007


Being Alone

Surf pounds relentless into shore,
yet, instead of the roar
is heard the ocean of silence
behind it.

And the breeze itself whispers
that though it be near
the most ardent embrace cannot
find it.

This is being alone.

Golden blue, they clasp each other
these waves in moribund procession,
dying in rhythmic monotony, like
the feeling…

of night’s four walls and ticking,
‘til the heartbeat seems aligned
and the eyes know every nuance of
the ceiling.

This is being alone.

Now the morning,
and the wandering
of gulls in their circling dance,
remind him that his own heart
has no home.

And there in the azure horizon
of this unframed canvas meant for two,
his mind sees written, “This is
being alone.”

© Ciprianowords Inc. 2007


Beth said...

Favourite line? "This unframed canvass meant for two."

(And totally off topic - so nice of you to gloat about the Sens on my blog!! Rub salt in the wound...)

stefanie said...

"this unframed canvas meant for two" is my favorite line too :)

cipriano said...

Thank you, girls!

Do either of you write poetry?
Try it. I'll even give you a topic.....


Run with it!