Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Splash du Jour: Tuesday

My earliest recollections of writing are not really recollections of writing at all, but of... transposing. Before I could even read one word, I used to take my mother's handwritten recipes and type them out on dad's typewriter. One painstaking character at a time. Not even really knowing what I was "writing".
But the letters themselves just always fascinated me.
I would then hand my astounded mother perfectly typed recipes on 3" X 5" cards, which she would put in a little recipe tin.
She said I was undaunted... I just kept going.

-- Cipriano –

Have a great Tuesday!


stefanie said...

what a fantastic story!

cipriano said...

Thank you, Stefanie.
100% accurate. I used to record [list] all the books I read, in Grade 2.
My schoolteacher [Mrs. Okrainetz, blast her!] told my mom, "There is no way your son read all those books. It is impossible."
My mom told me, and I cried.
But THEN.... I got out a new 3" X 5" recipe-card, and I typed.... "UP YOURS MRS. O." and left it on her desk the next morning.

Matt said...

Oh you're too cute!

I remembered borrowing my uncle's Brother typewriter and typed up little cards.

You, are surely undaunted.

Did you show your 2nd grade teacher the reading record? Was it typewritten as well?