Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Splash du Jour: Wednesday

As seen on a Starbucks Cup:
The Way I See It #230
 "Heaven is totally overrated. It seems boring. Clouds, listening to people play the harp. It should be somewhere you can’t wait to go, like a luxury hotel. Maybe blue skies and soft music were enough to keep people in line in the 17th century, but Heaven has to step it up a bit. They’re basically getting by because they only have to be better than Hell." 

-- Joel Stein, 
Columnist for the Los Angeles Times. –

Apparently, the above message on Starbucks coffee cups caused quite an uproar at Safeway Stores.
Listen to this guy: → "I work for a Safeway Starbucks, and we are going to lose the 'The Way I See It' cups because of a few grumpy old people with no sense of humor. The cup that started it was #230, Joel Stein's comment about how ‘Heaven is overrated...’ Its freakin' dry humor, people! So now the Safeway bigwigs are trying to dump the whole program so that no one is offended. We had to go through every single sleeve of Venti hot cups in the store and pull out every single one with #230 on it.”

Hey! Chill out, people!
And have a great Wednesday!



Beth said...

It's a crazy world!
Some days, "boring" looks good, not overrated at all.

And, Cip, it's that time of year!
Let the games begin!
(Gotta admit - I'm a little nervous since you won all your pre-season games!)

cipriano said...

I will alwyas defend Starbucks. And cheer for the Sens.
I can not imagine favoring different teams, either in the realm of coffee, or hockey.