Monday, November 12, 2007


Inspired by what Dorothy at Of Books And Bicycles did with her Nov.7th posting, I am going to do a meme-thing involving the letters of my blogname.
Here is the criteria, the rationale, the raison d’etre:
List one fact, word or tidbit that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your first or middle name.

C → Canora. A small town in Saskatchewan, Canada…middle of the prairies, heart of the breadbasket of Canada, where I was born. My hometown.
Average age of residents there? → Amazingly, 112.

I → Irving. As in, John. An author I have recently discovered, who has made me wonder why I have not been reading him, before now.

P → Pocket. This will sound as though I am stumped and therefore, am making this up as I go along, but [here goes] → I have always loved the word “pocket” best, among words.
I love saying it. Love how it sounds. POCKET.
Think about it for three seconds. Is there a more perfect word, anywhere?

R → Reading. The pastime without which I [literally] do not want to live.

I → Geez! Another letter “I”. Umm… Illinois. It is my favorite state of America.
In recent years I have become somewhat of a collector of all manner of Illinois paraphernalia, and increasingly so, it seems!

A → This one is easy. My favorite novel of all time? Anna Karenina. Written by some old beardy Cossack named Leo.

N → NOTHING. The thing that I most like to do, on weekends.

O → Ahh, this is a great one. I have a fantasy about a place called Orangedale.
I want to live there one day with my favorite person. Orangedale is my post-working-days paradise. It’s where [among other beloved varmints] the dog named “Found” lives. And two horses, one named Bree, the other, Shasta.
And there is a calico cat that sleeps with us. Above the table in the breakfast area of Orangedale [and breakfast is always a big deal at Orangedale] there hangs a lovely print of the painting shown at the top of this blog posting. Renoir’s, The Canoeist's Luncheon.



Merisi said...

What, average age of residents 112? Average math SAT math score 612? *chuckle*

So Renoir's turned trendy, no more luncheons on the boat? Oh dear, you really hit a nerve here.

Illinois? I love its wide open landscapes and I love Chicago and that lake big as an ocean. Last time I was there three years ago, end of October and the temperatures were unseasonably warm, er, hot. T-shirt weather.

cipriano said...

Mmmmm.... Chicago.
Navy Pier. I want to be there one day!

And if it is a hot day, as you mention it was when you were there, I want to run underneath that huge fountain that spit water out at you.

Dorothy W. said...

Hmmm ... I've never thought that much about the word "pocket," but now that you mention it, it is pretty cool! Thanks for doing this meme -- it's fun, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Okay...hate to say it, but all this nonsense about "pocket" is just that...nonsense. It's no better a word than "pajamas" or "jacket" or "transition" or any other word. And not sure what is more concerning...that you tried to justify the use of "pocket" in your writing, or that one of your readers agreed with you!!!