Friday, November 30, 2007

From One Puddle to Another...

One thing I despise, is boredom.
I hate boredom.
I am seldom bored.
But I am very prone to being bored, when driving.
And I hate radio.
So, last night, when I was faced with the prospect of 3 hours on the highway, I made a last minute decision.
I pulled into a record store. Having no clue what I should buy, I aimlessly wandered. I just knew that a good CD or two would get me through the highway drive. The first one that caught my interest was the latest Rush CD, Snakes and Arrows, so I nabbed that.
Then, I happened across this new one called Famous, by Puddle of Mudd.
Picked it up, it looked intriguing. My Reading Partner has spoken highly of them, for years. Hmmm… what really got me, was when I flipped it over and saw that certain tracks were produced by Jack Joseph Puig. I remembered the amazing work he did about a hundred years ago with a now defunct “Christian” outfit called Sweet Comfort Band.
So I bought the thing.
It is fabulous.
When I discover good music like this, I always get excited about it. Now I want to collect other CD’s by this band.
The first track [Famous] is a killer good song. What’s it like? Well…. really punchy guitar, terrifically raspy, screamy vocals, and an overall sound that somehow reminds me of Three Doors Down.
The next song, well, no…. I’m not going to go through the whole songlist, they are ALL good.
The penultimate song, called Radiate, reminded me of Oasis. The CD alternates between wonderfully raunchy rock sounds, sometimes laced with expertly placed profanity, and nice melodic lovesongs [sans profanity].
I urge all Bookpuddle readers to venture into this…. this other Puddle.
Puddle of Mudd.
One thing this CD ain’t….. is boring!



Merisi said...

Haven't really read your posts, but promise to be back one of those days. This past week was a bit busy, so just a quick hello and a good start to this beautiful month of December! :-)

cipriano said...

Ahh, I know how it is.
Don't you just hate being so busy that you can not get to things you would rather be doing?
I know that personally, this is the bane of my life!

Merisi said...

I spied to link you put to my blog today! That's so kind of you, I'll have to think about an appropriate response to today's post.
In the meantime, thank you,
and I hope somewhere, sometime,
you'll find a sweet hours or two to read whatever meets your fancy.

Merisi said...

One of those days I'll learn to proof read before I hit the send button! Sorry. :-(