Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nicole: Just Because...

For further scientific evidence of why I am convinced she is the Top Rung Of The Evolutionary Ladder,
click HERE!



Beth said...

Those pictures make it look like she was posing for you - but I'm not that deluded!
(beth clooney)

Merisi said...

beware! She might, just might,
read you blog. Imagine that.

As for myself, everytime I see her on one of those glam outings, I wanna shout: "Loosen up, Nicole!"
Her facial expression looks like under the aftershock of botox (which I am sure she doesn't need yet at her age).

Merisi said...

Just checking if Nicole has commented yet. ;-))

cipriano said...

Dear Beth Clooney:
How's George?
Yes, isn't Nicole a gem?

Nicole has written me a personal email, and her and I are getting together Saturday night. For some reason though, she said she was going to have to bring her LAWYER along.....!

patricia said...

She is a lovely lady, but I can NEVER forgive her for marrying that idiot Tom Cruise. I will always question her sanity. And that new guy she's with? Eeeeewwwww. She really should consider spending the rest of her days with 'a crotchety old man'. Heh.