Monday, December 17, 2007

Me, at DollaRAMa

Umm… that was an easy fix!
My computer was not as ruined as I had thought it was.
I admit. I panicked.
And who can blame me?
There is nothing funny about a black screen!
But what I have to say about the recovery of my computer may be of profound importance to other Mac-users out there. So, listen up!

But first… just a little story that once again proves I am “mentally challenged.”
When I first panicked over the breakdown, I called my friend, the computer expert. He lives over a hundred miles away, so he tried to offer some long-distance trouble-shooting advice. However, I did not have the proper little jeweller-size screwdriver to get the middle panel off, on the underbelly of the Mac PowerBook.
So, today after work I went to Dollarama©.
They had two blister-wrapped versions of the tools I needed. One was a 12-piece kit, and the other was a 6-piece. Neither one had a price-tag on them.
Hmmmm…. do you see where I am going with this?

I brought both packages up to the girl at the checkout.
Set them down and said, “I want whichever one is cheaper than the other one, please.”
She looked over at this other cashier, then looked at me, and said nothing.
So I flipped both items over and said, “Look, there is no price tag on either one.”
She is still staring at me. And there are other people in line, behind me.
She says, “Sir, you’re at Dollarama© .”
And just as I was almost getting the message all on my own, she said, “Like, everything here is a dollar!”
And no one was laughing.
So I did.
Then I looked to the left of me, where EVERY AISLE has a big sign saying “One Dollar” and a big old red arrow pointing down every aisle.
I announced to everyone within range of my voice, “Wow! I’ve never been here before, I swear to God. Whoa! Wow! That is WILD! Everything’s a dollar.”
She was waiting for my decision.
“I guess I’ll take the 12-piece one there, then. Hell…. that’s six extra pieces for the SAME DOLLAR,” I said, winking at everyone else in the lineup.

When I got home I called my friend again and he told me what to do with my new screwdriver. After removing the RAM chip, and spraying the area with compressed air [which I stole from work today] I simply snapped the chip back into place and Bob’s your uncle!
The Mac fired up like it just left the store today!

So there you go!
If your Mac ever shuts down on you and then offers three plaintive beeps when you try start up again… let it be known that this is a problem with how your RAM chip is seated in its little home there. Do not pull your hair out [like I did] or get up on the balcony rails [like I did]!
My entire repair bill was..... ONE DOLLAR!

The only downside to this story?
A guy from the lineup at Dollarama© chased me out to my car. I had to jump in and lock the doors.
I think, misinterpreting my wink, he thought I was interested in a little more than screwDRIVERS!

I’m back in business folks.
This is what I am trying to say!


Beth said...

I so wish I had been there - but I wouldn't have been laughing at you! (Oh, no, never...)
I've taken note of your Mac fix but if it's my RAM that's the problem, it sounds as though it's humming Christmas carols. Not sure a screwdriver can fix that.

Melanie said...

Welcome back, Cip. Glad the fix was so easy or we'd have been in Bookpuddle withdrawal over the holidays, not a happy scenario!
And welcome to Dollarama. LOL.

Megan said...

Glad to hear your computer was saved (and quite easily)! And the Dollarama story really had me laughing. =D

Stefanie said...

yay, even easier than and cheaper than a battery problem!

patricia said...

Hooray! Problem solved! And an adventure at Dollarama to boot! Can Christmas get any better for you?