Monday, December 31, 2007

Splash du Jour: Monday

No, I was ignored. When anyone took any notice it was to point out what a twit I was, and laugh at me. This was the best possible preparation for the life of a novelist. If you have grown-ups fussing over you and encouraging you and taking an interest, you begin to think you're important, and furthermore that you need and deserve their attention. After a while you become incapable of working without someone else motivating you. You're much better off supplying your own energy, and writing in spite of the fact that no-one's interested, and even learning to put up with other people's contempt and ridicule. What do they know, anyway ?
-- Phillip Pullman, in response to the question: Were you encouraged to be creative?

Over the holiday season I have been reading Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I am now halfway through the second book, entitled The Subtle Knife.
Tomorrow [New Year’s Day] I intend on seeing the movie version of the first book, The Golden Compass…. starring my girlfriend, Nicole Kidman.
But before that, I must put in an honest day’s work.
Yes, work.
No rest for the wicked.
No rest for the horribly wicked!
Check this out!

Have a great Monday!


Beth said...

Happy New Year, you "horribly wicked man..."

You must introduce us to your girlfriend some day - perhaps Nicole could do a guest post on your blog!

May said...

Poor Cipriano, already back to work! It does not seem fair.

Stefanie said...

Happy New Year to you and Nicole :)

Maggie said...

Just stopped by to say Happy New Year! Feel like I'm in the old west with all the guns going off! :D

Shark said...

I've been thinking of buying a $400golden telephone. Apparently Lindsay Lohan carries one around with her.

patricia said...

Happy New Year, Cippy! Stay warm and happy and well-read!

Merisi said...

I cannot believe it that they made you work on New Year's Eve! I mean, is nothing sacred anymore?

Happy New Year (I sure hope the buggers did not force you to work today!)!